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2 May 2012 - 12:34pm
4 years ago
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I know there are a few different perspectives on Interaction Design as a profession.  I work on the macro and micro level of user interactions as they relate to any given interactive system.

I recently had an interesting conversation with someone who is more of a usability or user experience consultant. Her focus is on the macro or hollistic levels of interactions.  She is also having difficulty sequeing into the agency arena.

My portfolio of ux deliverables show's my expertise across the breadth and depth of interactive systems.  Unfortunately, her's does not.

I was wondering if any else feels they are being defined or boxed based on their deliverables?


3 May 2012 - 8:54am

Yeah, this is a tough one. HCI is so interdisciplinary by nature, practicioners can be expected to be able to do everything "omniUX".  It seems that as UXD becomes more and more popular, it will begin to branch back out into its individual disciplines. So for example one might be a HCI psychologist, statistician, or information designer, developer, graphics designer and the list goes on. It does not seem necessary that a psychologist interested in interaction research and scientific method should be required to have "wireframes" in their portfolio. Or that a UX developer should be expected to know the intricacies of ethnographies etc. In HCI's current stage, people are spreading way out and have portfolios in multiple places. For example just Google: "should a UX designer be able to program" and see how many forum posts there are. Such debates will continue to happen until the HCI hat becomes large enough that everyone is comfortable in their own skin and still considered an HCI practitioner. If she is not interested in more types of interactions, she should be clear about her expertise in the application, being aware, that smaller companies will  not be very interested. If she is in fact interested in diversifying her portfolio, she can always pick up pet projects for her portfolio.

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