Persuading the Product Team that there is too much copy on the site

14 May 2012 - 5:46am
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If anyone out there can help me or has come across a similiar situation..

I need a persuasive argument to back up my claim that there is too much copy on each page of the website (member system) we are putting together. The copywriter is literally explaining all the things that can be done on each page, which, if the navigation and buttons are clear enough, should be self-explanatory! The PD team are treating each page like a brochure, when in fact there is some pretty complex functionality per screen.

Here is an example of the intro text that explains the two buttons on the screen...

"Working hard and not seeing results would make any gym goer loco. That’s where Track comes in! Insert a bit of focus into your fitness and track your transition from couch potato to fitness fiend. It has been said that getting healthy is as mental as it is physical, and tracking your progress is vital in keeping your mind motivated so that you’re not left faking ankle sprains and back pains to avoid going to the gym! Sculpt the body of your dreams with the help of Track."

It's like this on almost every page.. saying a whole lot without saying anything.

Should I just ignore this, as no-one will read it anyway? Or should I fight to have the texted trimmed down drastically, or removed all together??

Thanks :)




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