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22 May 2012 - 2:19pm
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Louis Rosenfeld

(apologies for cross posting)

It's a pleasure to announce that John Ferrara's new book, Playful Design: Creating Game Experiences in Everyday Interfaces, is now available for purchase! 

No, this is not another book on gamification. Playful Design instead takes a healthily skeptical and highly practical approach to showing how user experience designers can achieve great things in the real world through games. So please:

  • Read the introduction and an excerpt from .net magazine 
  • Enjoy the wonderful testimonials from folks like Jesse James Garrett and Sebastian Deterding
  • Check out 137 lovely illustrations on Flickr
  • Then buy it directly from Rosenfeld Media (or, if you must)


We offer Playful Design in two packages:

  1. Full color 264 page paperback + PDF +  ePUB (for iPad) + MOBI (for Kindle)--all DRM-free--at US$39
  2. Ebooks only: PDF + ePUB + MOBI--all DRM-free--at US$22


Thanks for considering it, and thanks especially for spreading the word.  



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