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23 May 2012 - 11:47am
4 years ago
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Paul Chang

Hi All.

This is my first time posting on the site, but I always see great discussions, so hoping you can help with my challenge.

I'm working on an educational website that has been cast as a video game. The student is asked to perform a series of activities aboard a space ship and the metaphor is that they're sitting at a terminal while on the ship making decisions.

As the student progresses through the different activities, we want to have a "pedagogical agent" guiding them through, i.e. a companion that chimes in where necessary to give the student some instructions for taking the next step in the process.

This agent could pop up at set times in the game, or perhaps when the student has been inactive for a while indicating that they may be confused. The agent can also be available anytime the student wants to manually ask for help.

My first question is, does anyone know of any similar situations that were implemented well or perhaps some frameworks that have been developed that outline best practices for such an agent.

I'm not a big gamer, so I'm hoping there are some out there with some good examples from current adventure or task based games.

Thanks in advance!


4 Jun 2012 - 12:30pm

Well, my first thought after reading "a companion that chimes in where necessary" was Clippy.

Hopefully this will help you ensure that your "pedagogical agent" doesn't attract that same level of ire:

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