IxD Midwest discount for IxDA Members

3 Jul 2012 - 10:40pm
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Hey Designers!

Cooper U is offering a 15% discount for all IxDA members when you register for our Columbus Interaction Design Course in August. We are looking forward to finally bringing our 4-day intensive to the Midwest from 08/14 to 08/17.

To sign up, email Michael@cooper.com with the following code:  IxDAMembermidwest.  


Course Info:

Learn how to use Goal-Directed Design to create products and services that people love.

Register today for the Cooper IxD Midwest training in Columbus, Ohio August 14-17, 2012. First, we'll show you how to practice Goal-Directed Design in more depth than you'll find anywhere else. Then, you and a small group of other participants will put those learnings into practice to design an example product. This course serves as the foundation for the rest of our Cooper U curriculum and is an entrée to our UX Boot Camp. This training is ideal for product planners, developers, marketers, design practitioners, usability professionals, and managers who want to learn how to:

Plan and conduct user research using powerful ethnographic techniques
Distinguish between what users say they want and what they really need
Translate observations into personas, goals, and scenarios
Develop and prioritize requirements based on user and business goals.
Quickly turn requirements into a concrete product concept
To get a glimpse into the IXD class experience, check out these photos of student work or this student blog post.



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