Registration OPEN for a special UX Boot Camp...on Alan Cooper's farm! (15% discount for IxDA members)

23 Jul 2012 - 6:58pm
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Hey folks,

We're excited to offer a 15% discount to IxDA members for a very special upcoming UX Boot Camp on Alan Cooper's 50-acre farm! This is an intensive UX training experience not to be missed. To get your discount, email with this code: IXDAMemberUXB.


At Cooper, we believe you learn best by putting new skills into practice solving the kinds of challenges designers face on a daily basis. That’s why we designed UX Boot Camp, a four-day crash-course in our own design methodology that gives you a real-world problem to solve along with the toolkit you’ll need to tackle it. You’ll take your designs from idea to inception with the mentorship of our best teachers and active feedback from a real client. Better yet, this particular UX Boot Camp will happen in a creative classroom setting on the working farm of our founders, Alan and Sue Cooper, 45 minutes north of San Francisco. Need another reason to sign up? This is a chance to hone your craft while also providing invaluable design solutions to a nonprofit in need, Alice Water's Edible Schoolyard Project (ESY). In the end you’ll walk away with a solid, portfolio-ready concept and skills you can put to work for your own projects.

This intensive design training is appropriate for design practitioners, developers, product managers, marketers, usability professionals, and decision-makers who have some experience creating products but want to take their skills and processes to the next level.  The class is built around hands-on activities, conducted in pairs and small teams. Participants will learn to:

  • Set the stage for effective collaboration
  • Define product and service ecosystems
  • Conduct design research using both lightweight and in-depth techniques
  • Synthesize research data into actionable next steps
  • Model personas and build empathy for their current situation
  • Storyboard future concepts
  • Design a seamless framework for a multi-platform experience (web and mobile)
  • Learn how to go beyond features and design for engagement
  • Facilitate effective design reviews
  • Pitch and present design concepts to stakeholders

To get a sense of what the course is like, check out this blog post about our recent UX Boot Camp in partnership with the American Red Cross of Greater Columbus. For details about the course or to register, click here!.


"I enjoyed the "experiential" aspect of the training - the hands on approach, mixed with presentation/teaching, was a combination that really helped me learn and retain the information. I was able to interact closely with others and work as part of a team. In most trainings, I just take notes and forget most of what I "learned"." - Andrew Kallemeyn, The Lampo Group

“The workshop training was grounded indelivering real value to stakeholders. The expectation of a concrete deliverable created a positive stress that motivated learning, engagement and team building amongst attendees.” – Shawn Crowley, Atomic Object

"Most conferences are set up to give you a shotgun of bite-size information as you move from session to session. UX Boot Camp was critical to me in that it was comprehensive and consistent with its teaching. I got the whole picture of UX skills alongside some in-the-trench experience." - Matthew Ensor, The Lampo Group

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