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26 Jul 2012 - 2:45pm
3 years ago
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Anyone know what happened to the Endeca search patterns library post-Oracle acquisition? Any UX folks from Oracle or Endeca here that can shed light on this?






27 Jul 2012 - 3:15pm
Joe Lamantia

As a member of the team that published the Endeca library, and continues to be involved in it now that Endeca has been acquired by Oracle, let me say briefly that we're working on the next evolution / form of the the library.

Questions for the community: What worked well about the Endeca library?  What should change?  What kind of resource(s) would be valuable to the community?  Are you willing / able / eager to be involved? How?

Of course, the more interest we see from the community, the more resources and attention we'll be able to consider directing at an evolved pattern library :)


Joe Lamantia

21 Oct 2012 - 5:34pm

I'll ask the OP's question again. What happened to the Endeca search patterns library post-Oracle acquisition? Good to know there's a new version in the works, but the old version did not stop being useful, and grabbing bits and pieces out of archive.org is getting to be a pain!

1 Nov 2012 - 9:59pm
Joe Lamantia

The short answer is that we're working on the best way to make the Endeca UI pattern library available once again, and 'progress is being made'.  The long answer would surely leave you feeling dispirited at what's required to accomlish this while working inside large organizations, so I'll forgo sharing it.

Thanks for your continued interest - every request we have to revive it lends our efforts momentum.

Assuming that the original library will resurface - what should the next generation inlcude / offer?

Some things we're considering are activity patterns describing search and discovery behavior; workspace composition patterns showcasing the combinations of functional / interaction components used to offer various kinds of discovery and sense making capabilties; visualization patterns and best practices; structural patterns describing the UX architecture of search and discovery applications; design patterns for the information architecture of discovery data such as business-centered entities and semantic constructs.

Any of those useful? What else should surface?  Who should be able to contribute patterns: everyone, sanctioned authors, onl y the Endeca product design team?

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