Reminder: Human Error, Messages and Feedback this Thursday

30 Jul 2012 - 10:09am
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William Hudson

(Apologies if you receive more than one of these.)

Human Error, Messages and Feedback Webinar on 2 August at 16:30 London Time

The Webinars are useful because they give great value and are convenient in bite size chunks. I can pass the most relevant information onto the team without everyone having to take a day off to go to a class presentation…
- George Harris, IT Director, Paperstone

We spend a lot of time designing web sites and systems for the 'sunny day' scenario when everything goes as planned. But in reality it is how well we deal with errors and exceptions that make the difference between failure and a good user experience.

In our fifth Guerrilla UCD webinar you'll learn some of the basic reasons people make mistakes and how we can design to avoid them, or at least minimize their impact. We'll also look at what makes a good error message and why these should always be a last resort.

Join the live webinar on Thursday (2 August) or download the recording if you can't make it. It covers:

  • Brief introduction to human error
  • Preventing errors
  • Planning for errors
  • Feedback and flow
  • Attracting attention
  • Error messages

For more information or to register, visit Log into the 'My Webinars' page once you've registered to have easy access to all of the downloadable resources.

The cost of this session is €66 / £55 / $88 with a 5-for-the-price-of-4 discount available. See for full details.

Number 6 in the series, Usability Evaluation is scheduled for 16 Aug. See


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