Mobile Application for UX Specialists

6 Aug 2012 - 5:34am
4 years ago
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We would like to hear your ideas and opinions on having a mobile application for UX Specialists.
Help us brainstorm by answering the questions below. We look forward to receiving your thoughts and insights.

  1. Do you know of tools/applications/activities that are useful for User Experience Specialists?
  2. Do you think having a mobile application for User Experience Specialists will be useful?
  3. If so, what features/tools should the application have?



21 Aug 2012 - 6:38am


Maybe Fluid UI might be of interest to you. Fluid UI is a mobile app prototyping design tool. It is fast, user friendly and very intuitive. It has been designed from the ground up with one aim, to save you time and money when prototyping and gathering requirements. Create everything from low fidelity wireframes to high fidelity prototypes. Rapidly see and interact with them on a mobile device to aid testing and design. Supports iPhone, iPad, Android, Android tablet and Windows 8. Try it free at No Fuss. No Forms.

I trust you will find it both useful and interesting. Any questions, shoot.

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