User Friendly 2012 Conference in Beijing, China on 9 Nov. to 11 Nov.

28 Aug 2012 - 2:05am
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With the popularization of products and services characterized by user experience (abbreviated as UX thereafter) among customers, UX has become a hit in the profession so much so that there is now an enormous demand for UX talents even though most enterprises have already employed UX professionals or even established related departments. The ever widening gap between supply and demand of UX-related professionals, however, has propelled the engagement of many a non-professional in UX and the establishment of UX as a major in colleges and universities. The present is the prime time for the development of UX.
UX practitioners have found their professional knowledge far lag behind the demand, the gap between empty talk and practice as well as the conflict between professional expertise and business operation. Furthermore, in the age of information explosion, and particularly of microblogs, when the internet is rife with heterogeneous and absolute opinions, it has become increasingly hard for UX professionals to find an appropriate platform to exchange views and findings on such important issues as the role of UX in enterprises, the coordination between PM, UX and product development, the professional execution and management of research and design and the adaptability of UX to the R&D cycle.
User Friendly It is exactly against this background that User Friendly 2012 presents to the forefront its theme “Build a harmonious user experience ecosystem” in the hope of establishing a harmonious UX profession and a professional, coordinating and ready-to-share atmosphere with the joint efforts of all the UX-related professionals and associations.

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