says "There's something wrong with the publishing of periodic content on the web (blogging)" and puts forth a new model. What terminology would you use to describe design on that level?

11 Sep 2012 - 11:23am
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Particularly, I'm interested in how to label this level of design in a portfolio.

I have micro- (or at least low-level) interactions, e.g. what faceted search looks like and how it functions in an ecommerce site.

There's higher-level interactions, like choosing a hub-and-spoke navigation model (yes, one could call this IA) or choosing "Save as new" as opposed to making and changing copies.

And then there's something larger: identifying a problem with most or all of the solutions in a given medium or product space, articulating that problem, and proposing a solution with a different set of pros and cons that constitutes a rethinking of that medium or product space.

I am looking to show examples of all three in a portfolio and to distinguish between them. What terminology would you folks recommend? 


Thanks a lot.

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