Suggestions for UI presentation for Designers?

12 Sep 2012 - 3:03pm
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Hi there, 

I've been asked to give a presentation on the fundamentals/theory of UI design for our game development artists. It's a tricky thing, especially since our artists range in experience from decades to new hires. The idea is that our game artists produce UI's all the time as part of their games, and could benefit from learning some basics that might either help them understand the things they do or help them create better solutions. 

Since artists are visual, I'd like to make the presentation very visual, with as many examples and as little text as possible. 

In any event, looking for suggestions on things to cover. Certain things like Fitts' law, recognition not recall and prevent errors before they happen immediately suggest themselves. 

Also looking for any good resources (online or otherwise) that I might use for examples or ideas. 


15 Sep 2012 - 3:13am
Jochen Wolters

I recently gave a similar talk to developers at a local CocoaHeads meeting and based it on Ben Shneiderman's Eight Golden Rules of Interface Design. Additionaly, I threw in some Gestalt Laws for good measure, namely Proximity, Similarity, and Closure.

For "further reading" on the topic, I usually point to Don Norman's must-read book, The Design of Everyday Things, as well as Nielsen's Ten Usability Heuristics and Tog's First Principles of Interaction Design.

17 Sep 2012 - 7:06am

There are some good examples of what a great UI design for a video game is...
I've written some reviews about various video games in a magazine and as far as i could understand the main thing is to make UI easy and clean and also fun. Most of the time players talk about the game "WOW" when they're talking about a great and simple user interface although WOW is a RPG game which has so many items and things to do...
and also the article below (attached) is related to what you need and has some examples and good point in it which you might need.

17 Sep 2012 - 10:33am

Thanks Jochen. I've read Don's book of course, and I have the hueristics and principles on my list for sure. Ben's list is a good one too. THanks!

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