Writing Effective Web & Intranet Content Webinar 27 Sep @ 16:30 London Time

19 Sep 2012 - 3:51am
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William Hudson

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Writing Effective Web & Intranet Content Webinar

We're running some of our Guerrilla UCD webinars in private sessions for one of the world's best known telecoms companies. Let us know if you need something special: you can pick the time, tweak the content and share the recordings with your whole organization (rather than just an individual team).

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Everything else about your web site or intranet might be perfect but if the content is off-topic, uses the wrong terminology or is hard to follow, it will all be for naught. Learn how to write content that is to the point and in a style that supports browsing, without requiring your readers to have advanced degrees in semiotics (the study of meaning). We will look at the practical issues of writing good content as well as the concept of readability and how to easily tell whether you or your colleagues' efforts are gratuitously pleonastic!

Join the live webinar Thursday 27 September @ 16:30 London time. Or if you can't make it download the recording which is usually available the next day. We'll be covering

  • What do users want from your content?
  • The inverted pyramid approach
  • Readability versus legibility
  • Readability metrics and how to apply them effectively
  • Content in large organizations and with multinational audiences

For more information or to register, visit bit.ly/gucd-9. Log into the 'My Webinars' page once you've registered to have easy access to all of the downloadable resources.

The cost of this session is €66 / £55 / $88 with a 5-for-the-price-of-4 discount available. See  www.guerrillaucd.com for full details.

Number 10 in the series, Designing for Advanced Users is scheduled for 11 Oct. See bit.ly/gucd-10.


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