Using Pivotal Tracker for UX stories?

22 Oct 2012 - 1:58pm
3 years ago
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Zaid Hisham

Hi all,

Do any of you use Pivotal Tracker to manage stories for design work? If so, how do you organize your projects?

I found the following links, but I was curious so learn about other approaches.





14 Nov 2012 - 6:13pm
Scott Galloway

My company used to leverage Pivotal Tracker (coincidentally, at the urging of Carbon 5, who we contracted with), and I loved it for Agile projects. Our company however needed a project management tool that worked well with both Agile and Waterfall, so we moved on from Pivotal. I still love it though for tracking user stories through the Agile process. I found the kanban board really easy to digest and maintain, both from a business and an engineering point of view (I transitioned from project management into engineering).

All that said, I only used it for a single project before we moved on, so I can't speak to organization of multiple projects.

Good luck,


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