The goals of IxDA Cape Town

14 Nov 2012 - 9:30am
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Michael Wolf

Dear IxDA Cape Town members!

After our launch event during Creative Week in September, we received a lot of interest of people to join our local IxDA group. I am excited that there are also quite a few new people who subscribed to IxDA Cape Town. I would like to dedicate this thread to the goals of IxDA Cape Town with the wish that all of you will contribute your ideas about what the group (us!) should do about IxD in the region. As you can see on the last pages of the presentation (from the launch event), we already have some suggestions what the activities of IxDA Cape Town could be. Please add your thoughts as comments to this post. 

Since we have a strong alliance with the Arduino Club Cape Town, thus, our second event (to be announced shortly) will be an introduction to this amazing electronic toolkit which helps interaction designers to prototype and experiment with novel ways of interaction.

IxDA Cape Town considers hosting a number of evening events, which are a combination of speaker, science fair and workshop to introduce interaction designers and interested folk to tools and methods which are valuable in the Interaction Design field and process. These introductory evenings will have the title IxDA tools and may include the following topics:

-            Using MS Kinect

-            Processing / VVVV

-            3D printing

-            Working with Personas

-            Using Agile

-            Projection mapping

Please let us know if you have expertise in any of these subjects or if you would like to help setting up the event with us. We will be also be needing partners for these events, such as speakers, experts, press, and of course sponsors of technology, bucks and good vibes.


Thanks and best regards,




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