Boxes and Arrows: Live or Die?

17 Nov 2012 - 11:08am
3 years ago
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Let's be honest; Boxes and Arrows hasn't been well for awahile. It was time to do something. just moved to a new CMS and server in order to effectively fight spam, and reduce operating costs. Along the way, we got a new design. I hit my network hard, and got a handful of insightful and wonderful articles on the term and role User Experience including Dave (IXD) Malouf and Jonathan Korman exploring the relationship of Interaction Design and User Expereince

User Experience Go Away

Whither User Experience Design


But Boxes and Arrows cannot continue without a new generation of  contributors. If you want this resource to continue, please consider volunteering time to edit, copyedit, mark up articles or best yet, write an article about something you care about. 
If the community shows no interest, I'll take that as a sign that B&A's time has ended, and it's time to put it into mothballs. That's ok too, nothing lasts forever. But I hope B&A, like Apple has at least one more really go go in her. 
Write me directly, or pledge to help publicly here



19 Nov 2012 - 1:53pm

I have been so touched by the responses (and honestly a bit overwhelmded!) 

I created a discussion group for those who wish to help

Please join this mailing list, and we'll start plotting the future of this thing that we do, and how we talk about it. 

And thank you again!

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