User Interface Guidelines for a desktop application delivered via Citrix

20 Nov 2012 - 6:59am
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Jeremy DEagle

Hi, I'm after some advice regarding some guidelines to consider when deploying applications over Citrix.

My company is going to be using Citrix in the near future. We have suppliers who deliver our desktops, applications etc, within boundaries set by my company's IT strand. We have a principle of procuring commercial, of the shelf packages wherever possible.

I've been asked to consider what principles we need to consider when delivering applications via Citrix. The main one we have so far been made aware of by our IT supplier is 'try to avoid introducing scrolling as this can adversely effect performance'

Are there any additional principles we should be applying (bearing in mind we generally work within the confines of a UI that is generally only configurable and not customisable...



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