Configuring user defined views from a widget library

19 Dec 2012 - 4:04pm
3 years ago
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I ran a design studio yesterday with several developers, project managers including the senior application dev manager and had them sketch ideas for our oil and gas web application. The studio was everything it should be; ideas were flying onto the paper and a lot of discussion amongst people who do not usually work on the same projects.

Its interesting that every group in their final presentation had the same central idea. Remove the constraint of our current architecture and create a page with a default view based on various widgets. The customer can then configure this view if necessary by dragging and dropping widgets on or off their various panes.

The idea looks good in a mockup but is it usable? Has anyone tested this type of design with your customers? Do they understand that there could be a wealth of widgets to choose from?  Do they want to reconfigure their home page, do customers get lost in such configurations? Is it one of those ideas that all us techy geeks think is cool and the customer thinks is bloat that confuses?

Any good examples out there on the web that I can review?



20 Dec 2012 - 9:21am
Tania Schlatter

Sounds like a successful session! These are great questions and an opportunity for testing the idea with a prototype. Finding out what your audience thinks with content and context for your app would be invaluable, much more than answers for a similar pattern with a different audience and different context. 

I'd be happy to talk through strategies for testing, and I am sure there are others on the list who would do so as well.


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