SketchClub - 22nd January

14 Jan 2013 - 2:16pm
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Irene Gonzalez


Hello there!

If you would like to improve your sketching skills but somehow you never seem to find the time to do it, join our sketch club next Tuesday 22nd January @ iQ Content.

IxDA SketchClub is about being creative and having fun with your fellow UX designers. We won’t be dealing with any serious sketching techniques, although you might be able to pick up some tips from more advanced sketchers.

For this session of the sketch club we’ll be doing some exercises to practice how we can use sketching to communicate ideas and be creative. We’ll do some funny warm up exercises to then dive in more “complex” exercises. You will have the chance to practise your presentation and storytelling skills as well.

Details of the event. 

When?  Tuesday 22nd January 2013. From 6:30pm - ~8:00pm.

Where?  Clarendon House, 34-37 Clarendon Street.  (Go into lobby and ring the buzzer to get up to 2nd floor)  For map:

Do I have to bring anything?  You don’t have to bring anything, we'll have some pens & paper there.  Although if you have a favourite sketching pen or pad, bring it along.  You're welcome to bring along any snacks or drinks you might like.

If anyone has ideas of exercises they'd like to try out or any questions feel free to post them bellow.

See you there :)



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