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22 Jan 2013 - 10:32am
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this is a plug for my new book about strategic design in the enterprise, which just got published by Morgan Kaufmann:

    INTERSECTION: How Enterprise Design Bridges the Gap
    Between Business, Technology and People.

My topic touches quite a number of topics and disciplines, so please excuse the cross-posting.

What is it about?
Intersection is about applying the practice of Design strategically in complex enterprise environments, consisting of an organization and the ecosystem it is embedded in. It portrays the Enterprise Design Framework of 20 aspects, to align the overarching strategic efforts of Branding, Enterprise Architecture and Experience Design on a common course. The book aims to give designers, entrepreneurs, innovators and leaders a model and a comprehensive vocabulary to tackle complex challenges, and explains how to navigate key concerns and bridge diverging views. Designed to help practitioners shape tomorrow's enterprises, Intersection connects design work on aspects as diverse as services, interactions, operational processes and business models, down to tangible outcomes such as digital apps or physical buildings.

What has this to do with Interaction Design?
Many Interaction Designers realize that in order to design interactions on an experiential level, looking at the behavior of devices, software systems or interactive media is not enough. People interact with organizations, with brands, with complex systems, and with each other. As we move from shaping interfaces to shaping behavior, this means we are designing on a much larger scale, appreciating the strategic significance of our work for our clients: the interactions we are designing make their business. With this shift, a whole new range of aspects is entering our practice. We have to work with services, cultures, ecosystems, business models, and enterprise architectures. These conceptual design decisions are the foundation for any concrete manifestation in tools, by defining their role within the larger system. With the Enterprise Design Framework, Intersection introduces a map of the aspects to consider when designing for such complex environments, translating design decisions on information, interaction or content into usable systems.

Is it about theory or practice?
Although being based on some theory, Intersection attempts to be practical. In 9 exemplary case studies, it explains how different organizations are applying design thinking and practice reshape their enterprise. These case studies include SAP, Jeppesen (part of the Boeing company), Apple, BBVA, Instagram and IKEA. Moving from strategy through conceptual design to tangible results, Intersection shows what is relevant at which point, and what expertise to involve when addressing a certain aspect or challenge.

Where can I find out more?
Learn more about the book and the framework at, take a look inside, check out our free materials, buy it, read it, share it :)

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...and let me know your thoughts!

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