First Approved Axure Training in Romania

26 Feb 2013 - 9:45am
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Axure Training topDAY 2013 is the first public Axure training ever held in Romania by an approved Axure training partner – Ax-Stream UK, one of only five in the world and two in Europe.

Axure Training topDAY 2013 is a three day training for all levels and delivered by Dr Ritch Macefield, Axure approved trainer and a practising UXD professional who also uses Axure in leading roles on major projects in blue chip companies. This means that he can pass on invaluable tricks of the trade gained from real world experience. Of course,also using cutting edge training techniques.

The training focuses on three main levels – Essentials, Advanced and Mobile Prototyping, levels that will help any UX professional learn the basics of using Axure RP Pro, but also, the more advanced tehniques that will take them to the next level in advanced prototyping.


More information can be found on

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