Join the eye-opening challenge of the IxDA [Sydney Chapter] mentoring program

4 Mar 2013 - 1:34am
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Joe Ortenzi


Hello fellow Interaction Designers

"eye-opener", "excellent", "enthusiastic", "challenging" were some of the words used to describe round one of the Sydney Chapter mentoring program.

Once again, we'd like to thank the participants from round one for their patience and giving their time and experience; we invite them to continue with the program should they wish. The program ran from Sept-Nov 2012 and involved 15 pairings. We elicited feedback from this inaugural group to improve the program and are ready to roll out and expand the next session.

The Sydney Chapter of the IxDA is now seeking participants, both mentors and mentees, for the next round of the mentorship program, beginning early March.

We have decided to open the program beyond students and will consider practitioners at all levels, as some IxDA members  might benefit from others with more extensive or specialist experience. 

We are also introducing a more formal mentor>mentee matching system to ensure a more productive fit of experience with needs. In addition, mentors can also choose to be mentored by others with greater experience for their own development.Because we are aiming for a good match, it may be that some mentors or mentees may not be assigned a person, but the more that apply, the more likely we can accommodate most of the participants.  


  • Available once a fortnight, i.e.: 4-6 events
  • Available for this semester: March - May
  • Meet at a location agreed with the mentee
  • Set goals and parameters with the mentee
  • Report back to IxDA to help shape future mentoring sessions

WHAT WILL I GET? I hear you ask.

  • Discussion topics to get the ball rolling 
  • Supporting guidance resources
  • An IxDA mentoring program member to help manage the relationship
  • A mentee matched to your experiences
  • The opportunity to affect the future of Interaction Design
  • Helping the next generation of professionals through your experiences


If interested, please complete one or both of these two surveys, in order that we might match you with an appropriate mentor/mentee.



Please pass this invitation among your colleagues and organisations, and if you have any questions, please reply with your request.

many thanks!



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