IxDA Portland: Interaction '13 Conference Redux!

6 Mar 2013 - 4:06pm
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Chad Mortensen

You are invited to an evening of food, drinks and thought provoking presentations revisiting the topics of the 2013 international IxDA conference that was held in Toronto, Canada this January.


Join the rest of the Portland IxD community in conversation while enjoying music, snacks, and beverages at Ziba's auditorium, located in the Pearl District. The evening's agenda includes live encore presentations and a special group panel from local Portland designers. 


Speaker Lineup:

My Dear Watson: Personality for Smart Applications

Nicki Vance, UX Designer, Citizen, Inc

Smart devices are only recently starting to use their “smarts” with applications like Google Now and Apple's Siri. How do you design the user experience for an application with access to data about your mood, your schedule, and your physical activity levels? If it played an active role, what would it tell you about yourself? How could it help you? How would it initiate interactions with you? We humans are skeptical of our technology and who we share personal information with. Smart apps need to be able to build and maintain our trust and the key is in accuracy and personality

Navigating the Media Minefield 

Ryan Coulter, Creative Director, Ziba Design and Greg Martin, Senior Interaction Designer, Ziba Design

So you’re designing a media UI — the one, multi-platform content solution that finally solves the living room, forever. It’ll be thoughtful, coherent, social and beautful to behold. It will succeed where Netflix, AppleTV, Google and Amazon have failed.

Here’s the problem: media delivery is a mud pit filled with razor blades, and the obstacles that can shred the most artful design aren’t obvious until it’s too late. In the breadth of its user base and the thorniness of its business considerations, the entertainment industry is unique, and demands a unique approach. Many familiar best practices, like identifying user targets and getting designers a seat at the decision-making table, are just as true here as anywhere else. But many more are not.

Our interaction design teams have spent five years and thousands of design hours working on media UI projects for a wide range of technology and entertainment clients. In that time, we’ve been surprised by research findings, interaction and recommendation patterns, development issues, and the strange legal and business considerations of Hollywood, and we’ve seen a few patterns emerge. This presentation, by the creative director and interaction designer most enmeshed in Ziba’s media interface projects, gets beneath the surface to unearth the real considerations that will make or break anything media related.

"Data Depth and Ingenuity.”

Panel with Todd Silverstein – Vizifiy, Co-founder and CEO

Matthew Baranauskas – Ziba, Sr. Interaction Designer

Christopher Rivard – Jive Software, Sr. Product Designer

moderated by Noah Dijulio - Ziba, Sr. Interaction Designer 


Conference lightning recap

Doug Merritt - Citizen, Inc., Visual Designer


Please RSVP at: http://ixdapdx.eventbrite.com 


Sponsers: Filter Digital



20 Mar 2013 - 12:16pm

Thought the big event went really well last night.

Thanks for Barbara, the rest of the leadership team, and the sponsors for making it all happen.

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