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11 Mar 2013 - 6:04pm
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You're Invited to the HCI Project Fair!

CSE 440 Student Presentations Thursday, March 21st 10:30 AM – 12:30 PM

Each year, students in UW CSE's introductory Human-Computer Interaction course (CSE 440) organize into teams and spend a quarter iteratively designing, prototyping, and evaluating a user interface. 

Come join us on Thursday, March 21st, from 10:30 AM - 12:30 PM to see what the nine student teams created this quarter (feel free to come at 11:45 AM for the poster session). Lunch is on us. It is a great chance to meet top graduating students in computer science, design, informatics, HCDE, architecture, & digital arts who have an interest in user interfaces. This select group of students includes the designers, programmers, and evaluation specialists of the future.

The students had an especially challenging design charge this quarter. They were asked to create a mobile computing application that addressed one of the following design briefs: change (transform your or your family’s behavior), crowd sourced mobile AI (e.g., use Mechanical Turk to give perfect vision, speech reco, etc.), creativity (help people be more creative in their everyday lives). The resulting projects have interesting mobile interfaces and usage models.

The HCI Project Fair will take place on the UW campus, Mary Gates Hall room 241. Details on the project fair activities, this quarter's projects, and how to get there follow.


We will start the morning by my giving a 20 minute overview of what was taught in the HCI course this quarter and how the student projects were structured. Next, the top three teams (as voted by the students) will give 15 minute presentations showing you the design and evolution of their interfaces.

Following the end of the formal presentations at 11:45, we will have food, drinks, and a demo/poster session to give you a chance to meet the students and see their projects up close.

This is your opportunity to find out more about the current state of the art of human-computer interaction education, to learn its role in a university curriculum, and to see some novel ideas presented by some of the top graduating seniors in the country.


The nine innovative group projects look at applications and services on mobile platforms.



The easy new way to discover, share, and explore the wide world of music.

Event Hero

With the superpower to find the availability of friends instantaneously, EventHero will save you from the time consuming process that is identifying shared free time among friends.




Your recipes. Your shopping list. Your life.

What's Cooking?

An application designed to bring people together for fun, easy, creative cooking.



Recreativity is a mobile game designed to inspire creativity in the midst of your busy life.



Making it easy to share, organize, and realize your ideas.



An image search engine that runs on user submitted metadata.



Control your time in and out of the office. balancer allows you to set personal goals and helps you achieve them.



Horizon aids in increasing productivity by having people set goals for themselves and by providing incentives for completing a task.



RSVP & Directions:

The HCI Project Fair will take place on the UW campus, Mary Gates hall room 241.

If driving to campus from I-5, take the NE 45th Street exit (#169) and head east on NE 45th Street. Continue east about one quarter mile to 15th Avenue NE and turn right. Head south on 15th Avenue three blocks to NE 41st Street. Turn left at Gate #1 into the Central Plaza Garage. Stop at the gatehouse inside the garage for directions and a parking permit. You will be changed $15 for parking, but you will receive a parking voucher at the project fair that will enable you to get a full refund when you exit the garage. Mary Gates Hall is approximately 25 yards southeast of the Central Plaza Garage (just off the Red Square).

printable campus map (pdf file) is also available.

Please RSVP to Nikki Lee (nikki+HCIFair@nicoleblee.com) and also let us know if you will need a parking permit.

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