SVA Masters in Design for Social Innovation: it's time to apply

12 Mar 2013 - 11:07am
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The Masters in Design for Social Innovation program at the School of Visual Arts in New York is recruiting students for the Fall. Given the level of discussion and interest in this area at Interaction 13 in Toronto, I thought some of you might be interested. (Disclosure: I'm on the faculty of this program.)

This is an edge topic. We are applying ourselves to working out new ways of seeing social systems, new ways of creating together, and new ways for us all to take our place in the work. The program sits at the intersection of design, social innovation, and enterprise. It draws from design practice, communication, entrepreneurship, research, facilitation, systems theory and practice, change models, dialog methods, gaming, ethics, perseonal development and so on and on, to orient students to that moving edge and equip them as leaders and edge-movers in whatever context they choose to enter. 

If this rings your bell, I encourage you to check out the site and apply. The people that run the place are better equipped to answer questions than I am, but if you have a particular question for me I am happy to answer.

Marc Rettig
Fit Associates & SVA DSI

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