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21 Mar 2013 - 4:42pm
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At the conference this year, the speakers said not to worry about taking pictures b/c the conference would make the presentations available after then conference. So, I didn't take any slide photos, just notes. Now, I haven't received any follow-up information on where to get access. Where can attendees get the slides?!

Also, I heard that IXD would be offering videos of each of the presentations. So attendees could also see presentations they may have missed due to scheduling conflicts.

Does anyone know? The conference website is still displaying the preconference information.



22 Mar 2013 - 1:05am
Jason Alderman

Hello Leslie,

So far as I know, the conference doesn't generally wrangle all of the slides; it's up to the speakers to post their slides online.  You've probably already done this, but you can search SlideShare for "IxD13" to turn up a few:

...or look at the event page on Lanyrd:
...not ideal, as it's a bit of a hunt, sorry.  Many speakers have posted their slides on their blogs or twitter, so searching twitter might turn up a few more.

The videos are being processed right now, and the keynotes and panels have already been posted:

It's usually a small team of folks churning through all of the video editing, and synching slides, but when they're posted they're usually linked on ixda.org and posted directly in that Vimeo feed.


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