Best Practices and struggles for taking a website and moving it to an iPad

28 Mar 2013 - 11:18am
3 years ago
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Kimberly Richards

I am about to start evaluating a lot of websites that have moved from the web to an ipad. I am curious about these two questions:

  1. What are best practices for taking a desktop experience and moving it to an iPad?
  2. What are some struggles or pain points for customers when using an iPad?


Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated! Thanks for your feedback!!!


4 Apr 2013 - 11:24pm
desiree mccrorey

If you're dealing with a complex desktop app, it's likely you cannot port all the capabilities onto a tablet platform. What worked best for me was thinking about cooking a Thanksgiving dinner. At it's most complex, it can be prepared in a gourmet kitchen where there are tons of appliances, tools, a wide variety of ingredients and can accommodate more than a dozen diners. a downsize from that complex setting, a Thanksgiving dinner could be prepared in a 35' motorhome kitchen to accommodate 2-4 diners. To downsize from a well appointed gourmet kitchen to a motorhome kitchen, one has to identify the essential properties of the meal, how to prepare and serve it so that regardless of the place the meal is served it can still be recognized as a Thanksgiving dinner.

WRT struggles, I can only identify what I considered pain points. The biggest for me was that gamification seemed to be applied to nearly every app whether it was appropriate or not. IOW, I don't mind taking the time to guess, explore and discover features under certain circumstances, with certain apps. But too many times I felt there was little afforance and no guide which generated frustration.

5 Apr 2013 - 12:26am
Ganesh Gaikwad

I think websites are a bundle of everything, that an organization wants to communicate, while iPad app or mobile site is to serve users' specific needs in a mobile context. Given this, I would say, putting a large 'About US' kind of text is out. Banners, animations that have advertizing flair are out on mobile platform too. One point you might consider while chosing the scope of a mobile site/ app is 'Do users care for this content and functionality when they are on move?' Anything that gets 'No', is out. While these are the guidelines, one sure needs to apply descrition while socping the mobile site or app.

About the second point, I would mention that iPad's memory management makes it loose the content when the browser tab is changed. It also immediately stops downloading if the user moves to another app, resulting in refreshing the whole page when user comes back. This is quite annoying on iPad/ iPhone which doesn't happen in desktop platform. So pages that quickly download are a big + for mobile sites. The apps don't have this issue.

There are many points to consider, but here are the some from the top of my head.


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