RAPID UI prototyping and design group

5 Apr 2013 - 8:37am
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Hi all,

I have created a meetup dedicated to rapid prototyping and interface design. We will be meeting monthly via google hangouts and will be discussing best methods, tools, and tips for designing, creating, and prototyping the user interface. This group will take a UX, IxD, UCD approach to doing this. We will be concentrating on top industry tools such as Axure & Fireworks - among others. It will be a place to ask questions - answer questions - and ultimately become better prototyping UXers.


Anyway - I would love for you to join and help strengthen  this community. Please suggest topics and questions to be discussed in the coming weeks/months. I believe the topic for the first meetup will be: Prototyping desktop applications with Axure - best methods and practices. I will also start the meeting out with a short introduction to Axure RP  and close it off answering questions people might have about their own prototypes.


Thanks - I look forward to building this community of ixD prototypers.


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