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10 Apr 2013 - 11:11pm
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Hi everyone.. this is a bit long:

I am very new to IxD and have been doing a lot of research lately to look for similar programs to Umea's Industrial Design Intensive. I'm about to graduate with a BS in business/economics, and have very limited design education, thus looking for some sort of grad school prep program. Also, the program doesn't require any professional experience or a portfolio for admissions. 

Umea's website said many of their students used this program as a stepping stone to various IxD MA programs, e.g. CIID, and I hope to continue my education after this. The problem is that the tuition since 2011 and on is $40000 for international students, which seems very pricey and I would have to take out a loan of course. I am wary of investing money into this non-degree program, but I'm also not sure if it would be more beneficial to cough up the money instead of the extra 3 years for a second bachelors degree in IxD, which would be a bit cheaper but perhaps a safer route towards a masters program.

Basically, I was wondering if anyone has any personal insight into the program (quality, financing- is it worth it, etc) or knows if there are programs like this that are similar? Any suggestions would be great, I've been reading a lot about what to do but some advice would be nice. Thanks in advance.


11 Apr 2013 - 11:56am

Hey there, 

I live in Copenhagen and I am finishing my master in Sound and Music (which is actually more sound and interaction design) at Aalborg Universtiy Copenhagen. Due to my studies and interests I am hanging out quite a lot at CIID for the open lectures, thus I know kinda well the environment. 

CIID / / Side B
- as you said it is very expensive (100.000DKK approx 13.500 euro) education and non-degree program. ( reasons why I haven't applied as well)
- It is also not that easy to get in. ( you need a very well-done portfolio) 
- it is One year programm and thus, it will take all your day/week/year time (means that if you need to support yourself with some extra jobs it will be very hard)

CIID / / Side A
- the environment is simply awesome, with many creative people, teachers and guests. 
- It gives you the possibillity to create an important network (job opportunities) on a very small market (IxD)
- international students are very welcome
- it is a very well done combination of research, prototyping, learn by doing methods.

For sure one the best non-degree program in the whole Scandinavia. That is what I think about CIID (just to be short)

ABOUT OTHER EDUCATION that I feel like suggesting you (in more or less the same field)

my one / research and media tech:
more artistic one:
in finland / very good university and nice programs:

Those are the one that I know and the one I feel like suggesting you. 


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