Video online of Milan panel: "The Long View of Interaction Design"

25 Apr 2013 - 5:42am
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Mark Vanderbeeken


The people behind the upcoming IxDA Interaction14 conference organized on 6 April a panel discussion in Milan on the “Long View of Interaction Design”.

5 panelists debated with Interaction14 chair Alok Nandi on how to design for those interaction design challenges that go beyond the immediate consumer product/service launch cycle.

Note that due to technical difficulties, sound only starts at 0:10:15.
Audio runs smoothly as of 0:12:40 (when Anna Meroni starts speaking)

What if your interaction design has to be integrated in a hospital or a building or a city? How do you design if your creation has to last 10, 20 or even more years into the future? What tools can you use as an interaction designer? How do you make it adaptive and resilient? How to avoid obsolescence?



The event was held at the Domus Academy in Milan who provided promotional and organizational support.


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