Switching through multiple "primary" phones for testing

3 May 2013 - 10:41am
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Hi All,

I'm a User Experience Designer. While my primary phone is an iPhone 5, I'm curious to really understand the user behaviors consistent with some android devices (perhaps even extend to windows and blackberry as well). I've been able to test various apps on these devices through my company but I know to truly understand what the user goes through, I should adopt an adroid phone as my primary phone for a month and treat it as real users do.

If anyone has any experience with switching through multiple phones I would love to hear about it! I currently have a contract with Verizon Wireless in their tiered data plan for when I got my iPhone 5. I'm wondering if there are carrier issues in constantly switching back and forth to activate phones every month or so?? Either way...just looking to understand the tradeoffs and risks involved in this process...


Thanks so much!


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