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27 May 2013 - 10:29pm
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Love join like minded folks tomorrow 7PM EST for a free online presentation & discussion:



Hi Everyone, we seem to be growing steadily and I hope we can become a very large community of UI/UX prototypers. Our second meetup is scheduled for tomorrow evening May 28 2013. We are basing the start time on the availability of the main speakers and tomorrow’s meetup is scheduled for 7:00 PM EST. see below for the time calculating:

Tue, May 28 2013
EST / EDT, Eastern Daylight Time (US): 7:00pm
PST / PDT, Pacific Daylight Time (US): 4:00pm
CST / CDT, Central Daylight Time (US): 6:00pm
LONDON, United Kingdom, England: 12:00am



We use Google hangouts for our live meetings, it can be kind of tough to get everything working properly and so we will keep trying till we figure it out. The link below should work,

Direct link:

google hangout page:

If for whatever reason the link does not work, or you get a “hangout over” error, please meet us in the Meetup chat ( and look for a new link to post.

**The on air feature is an optional feature that allows us to record our meetups directly to youtube for those that miss the live meetup. This is a very useful feature, has been greatly appreciated by a few members. If you have any major concerns about this, please let me know.



Presentation: Mike Oren, PhD in Human-Computer Interaction & Sociology (Iowa State University) will be talking about prototypes as a communication tool, which will focus on how prototypes can be used with different stakeholders throughout the development cycle. More details may or may not follow prior to the Meetup.

Potential Topics for discussion:

Adobes switch to CC, What prototyping tools are you using, ups and downs, have a better idea? Let’s hear it.

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