Design Thinking, Doing + Improvising: lecture June 20

10 Jun 2013 - 11:15pm
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Patricia Colley

The Applied Improv Network, Northwest Regional Chapter is hosting an evening to explore the intersection of design and improv. Come and join us!


Design Thinking, Doing, and Improvising with Patricia Colley and Shimon Shmueli 

An evening lecture and demo - Thursday June 20, 2013

Snacks will be provided.


Thursday, June 20, 7-9 pm 

Comedysportz 1963 NW Kearney St  Portland, OR 97209

$10 / $5 students 


About Our Speakers: 


Patricia Colley 

Design Consultant and Creative Catalyst

Principal at consulting firm Creative Catalysts


Patricia is a creative professional and business & technology consultant with 25 years’ experience helping clients adapt to change. She began her career as an artist and graphic designer before transitioning to web, software and complex systems design during the dotcom boom. This shift allowed her to expand her career further into business strategy, creative facilitation and practice leadership. Five years ago, Patricia discovered improv, permanently altering her approach to work and life. Using a combination of improvisation forms, design thinking, traditional creative process, critical method, and embodied cognition, Patricia guides her clients through the subtle process and practice of creative visioning, alignment and collaborative growth. 


Patricia will share a few essential concepts and methods from the design world that harmonize with the principles and practices of applied improv. She will demonstrate a few effective techniques for applied creative problem-solving in corporate environments.  



Shimon Shmueli

Design thinker doer, leader, principal at consulting firm Touch360 and creative instructor at Portland State University


Shimon is the principal at Touch360. a strategic innovation and design consulting firm in Portland, Oregon. Touch360 helps companies identify their next growth opportunities and develop great experiences at all touch points, 360. Shimon’s expertise is in consulting, leading, and hands-on development of products and services that connect with users at all levels: physical, cognitive and emotional. Shimon is a classic Design Thinker who uses applied improvisation to facilitate creative results. 


Shimon will give a basic overview of a cognitive-affective model of creativity that works both at the individual as well as the organizational level, and then demonstrate how improv can stimulate creativity using that model. 


We hope to see you there!


The Applied Improv Network is an international professional organization of practitioners who use improvisation and theater forms and philosophies to effect change and growth in corporate, education and public sectors. For more information, visit (member site) or (public portal). The AIN is holding its next global conference in Berlin in October 2013. 

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