Starting out at School (Interaction Design)

16 Jul 2013 - 4:39am
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It's been a year since I've completed my bachelor's in Animation. And this usually catch's people off gaurd wondering why someone would want to make such a transition in Interaction Design.

While I was doing my Bachelor's, I managed to do well by standing out in class. I went on to intern under my professor on some projects which came in from Holland. I continued to work for him until I got the opportunity to work as a freelancer. At that point, one of my clients happened to come from the game industry. It was a pretty good experience as I wasn't working just as an Animator, but managed to learn some basic scripting and working with other programmers. After that, I took up a short term correspondence course in Python, it's focus was to make interactive programs(games; like pong, BlackJack).

After all of this, it made me realise and believe that alot of my skills (Design Principles, Animation, 3D Art, Digital Art)  I picked up in school maynot be directly transferable skills. But with some additional training, I am sure that I can take advantage of them in order to create media which can be interactive in nature.

Furthermore, given that we live in the time where Mobile computing is coming a huge way forward. I personally believe that with technical training, I can develop purposefully built applications which will  not only serve it's desired purpose, but also be admired as a piece of art.

Your suggestions in this regard can bring me a long way. I hope to hear from the community. I will also be enrolling to Design School soon, suggestions on what sort of machine I should be using, languages I need to learn and bad practices I should simply avoid will be of great help too.

Thank You.

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