Costs and financials for HCI courses

20 Jul 2013 - 11:33pm
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Hello All,

I am planning  to apply for an HCI course next fall. Could you please let me know the costs and financials related stuff ( ~ approx)  so that i can get an idea on this?

1. How much it will be for HCI/d ( design ) course at indiana Bloomington.

Any chance of aid or waiver for international students ?

2. HCDE at UW. I found this interesting but want to know more about this.

How much this course costs ?

3. HCI at georgia tech. I didn't do much research on this couse.

Anyway, financial details on this one appreciated too. 


I am currently workign for an IT MNC, but more into designer passion. Would an HCI course suit me?

I truly appreciate all your efforts.
Thank You

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