From B.Arch to M.S in HCI

24 Jul 2013 - 1:51am
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I am a final year undergraduate student, studying architecture and planning.At the end of the course, I have realised that I am not too much inclined to take up professional architecture as a career option and so I am interested in continuing my studies by doing masters in a design related field such as HCI, Interaction design etc. , mainly because of the tremendous job opportunies ahead and also my interest in designing user inferfaces.

I have concerns of having limited coding knowledge of coding - basic HTML, CSS, C++.(Though I have started working on learning them).But at the same time, I am confident that my architecture education gives me a design insight, and also knowledge of design management. I am planning to apply for HCI/ Interaction design courses in US, which are design centric and do not focus too much on computer science. 

I am in search of good programmes that focus on the design end of the HCI and Interaction Design. I'v heard of great courses in GeorgiaTech, CMU, IUPUI, UMich etc. but i'm not able to figure out which programmes focus on design development.

Please suggest some good masters programmes for HCI/ Interaction design, considering my interests.

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