Tablets, grids and multi-select

29 Jul 2013 - 5:29pm
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I'm designing a business web app that will be used in both desktop and tablet context. I'm wondering if a usable tablet pattern has emerged for offering functionality similar to control-click/shift-click on the desktop, assuming we don't want users to pull up a keyboard just to select control or shift.

Users need to be able to multi-select (and then choose an action to apply to all selected items), but also be able to easily single-select to inspect the details of individual items one-at-a-time without having to unselect the previously selected item first (the UI will preview details for the selected item).

One possible pattern would be Yahoo Webmail in split-pane/preview mode, that combines quick single select by clicking rows with multi-select by clicking checkboxes. I would be interested in seeing other succesful patterns that accomplish the same without checkboxes. Maybe a single/multi-select toggle?

Cheers, Damon

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