In late 2013, what is a reasonable startup time for an iPad app?

11 Nov 2013 - 11:13pm
2 years ago
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Looking for research or commentary on what makes for a reasonable start up time for an iPad app.  Obviously, it depends on the processor (iPad Air i.e. iPad5 will be much faster than an iPad2 or iPad Mini), the connection speed, and the size of the app.  But say all of those factors are controlled/averaged...what is the amount of time a normal user would consider normal, reasonable, long, or rediculous to startup an iPad app?

Much of it is the expectation of what the app is giving the user, so I would love to hear how to manage that expectation as well.


12 Nov 2013 - 5:11pm
Kivi Shapiro

I'd argue it's all about the expectation.  Time is really subjective.  Luke Wroblewski has some good columns on the topic, for instance and  In their courses, Nielsen Norman Group point out (among lots of other great stuff) that the splash screen itself--the screen that shows while your app is loading--can be a great place to put content that will catch the users' interest:  they give the example of a sports app that puts up entertaining bits of trivia on the splash screen, which was so successful that some people asked them to provide the ability to delay bringing up the app proper so they could keep reading.

Not what you're looking for I know, but hopefully helpful nonetheless.

Kivi Shapiro
Qualicom Innovations

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