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13 Nov 2013 - 9:15pm
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Dianna Miller

Hello, IxD/UX students:

We’ve got 17 days to go before the Student Design Challenge. We’ve received a few questions about submission details and thought we’d start a public thread here to post the answers and additional information. 

Q: Can we apply as a team?

 A: We’re taking submissions only from individual or pairs. To sumbit as a pair, select the "Submitting as Pair" button on the form.

Q: It says you’re looking for 2-3 work samples. If I submit with a partner, how many samples should we submit?

A: If you go on to the application, select "Submitting as Pair." It will allow you to submit up to 6 work samples.

Q: The form says I can submit a PDF of my work, but I can’t find a way to upload it on the submission form. How do I do this?

A: This is a limitation of the tool on the website. You can post a PFD to a Dropbox, a web site or blog, and then paste the link into the URL Field of the submission form.

Q: Is the focus of the challenge on interaction design or solution design?

 A: The focus of your response to the challenge at the conference may be as specific as designing a key interaction at a signature moment of the experience or may consider the service or experience design more holistically (looking at the total offering and experience of delivering healthcare information to these populations.)  Interaction design is not just people to screens, but people to people, people to product, people to service, and people to system.

Q: Izac, when you competed in 2011, what did you focus on for your solution?

 A: (From Izac) I decided to give people a taste of all the elements that would be required to make my solution viable. None of the elements were designed to a level of detail where they were “designed.” However using simple prototypes and sketches I was able to sketch the interaction model, the service model, and the business model to a level of detail that told a story. (From Dianna: his presentation included a short experience prototype video shot the day before.)

Q:  Does the jury expect contestants to come up with a complete solution or is an idea described using sketches, rationale and real statistics good enough to convince them? Do we need to address all the problems stated in the brief?

 A: For your audition you are not required to show a complete solution. Instead, tell us about your thoughts on one or some of the problems in the space. We’re interested in your thinking, what you find compelling about the space, how you visually and verbally communicate your thoughts, and how you would approach this challenge if you are selected as a finalist to go to Amsterdam.

Q: We can we expect to be doing for our solutions in Amsterdam?

A: If you are selected as a finalist you will be mentored and encouraged at the challenge in Amsterdam to demonstrate a human-centered design process. We are working to bring together design mentors, subject-matter experts, stakeholders, and conference-goers, to put the "interaction" into the design process. You will have a master class to explore the design problem and gain empathy for experiences of users in the healthcare delivery ecology. You'll have workspace courtesy of neighboring design firm Ijsfontein... and for the first time this year, the SDC will have our own area on the floor of the conference, called the SDC Zoo for finalists to use in their process however they choose. Our goal is to give you resources and opportunities to engage others for feedback, ideas, richer prototyping, and storytelling.

Have fun with those auditions and Good Luck!

— Dianna and Izac


14 Nov 2013 - 2:33pm
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