Psychology for Interactive Design (workshops across Canada)

17 Dec 2013 - 2:01pm
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Tavis Lochhead

Optimize Your User Experience

If you’re looking to design more engaging digital technologies and campaign, and you'd like quick results, then we have a course for you. AlterSpark is offering three courses on using psychology for interactive design, where you will learn to design more engaging websites, social media profiles and mobile apps.

All our courses are science-based, but provide simple principles that work, presented with clear visual examples and exercises that will not only reinforce your learning but also, your ability to apply them. These courses are great for interactive designers (UI/UX), digital marketers, product managers, and web/mobile developers.

Each course is based on the same core curriculum, but tailored to different applications and timeframes. For this reason, we recommend that you register for the one course that best fits your profession and schedule.

Check out our two courses, happening across Canada during 2014:


Persuasive Psychology for Interactive Design (2-day workshop) 

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  • Kitchener-Waterloo: 29-30 Jan 2014
  • Ottawa: 26-27 Feb 2014
  • Vancouver: 27-28 Mar 2014
  • Toronto: 2-3 Jun 2014


Health Behavior Change Websites & Campaigns (2-day health training)
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  • Ottawa: 26-27 Feb 14
  • Vancouver: 31 Mar-1 Apr 14
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