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The IxDA Board Blog helps the IxDA leadership to communicate with members and the world at large. It also helps the board create a transparent, open approach to its leadership, letting members know just what the board is doing to help the IxDA community.

Janna DeVylder

Announcing our Day 2 “Give a Little Back” Winners!

I am happy to announce that out of 143 contributors, Penny Hagen is the winner of the complimentary pass to IDEA2009 (, and Pradeep Nayar is the winner of a complimentary pass to interaction’10 (!

Will you be a part of the Day 3 pool of contributors? We have two more passes to give as thanks!


Contribute today!

How it works:
We pull all the names, in order of contribution, into an excel file.
Each name then has a number associated with it.
We use a research randomizer to generate a single number within the span of contributions.
Today’s numbers: #99 & #112!


Janna DeVylder

Announcing the “Give a Little Back” Day 1 Winner!

I am happy to announce that out of 265 contributors, Christian Mogensen is the winner of a complimentary pass to interaction’10 (!

Will you be a part of the Day 2 pool of contributors? We have three more passes to give as thanks!


Contribute today!

How it works:
We pull all the names, in order of contribution, into an excel file.
Each name then has a number associated with it.
We use a research randomizer to generate a single number within the span of contributions.
Today’s number: #201!


Janna DeVylder

Give a little back

For the price of a cup of coffee you can help IxDA deliver our next-generation platform to serve the needs of the interaction design community. We can’t do it without your help.

Since its inception as a mailing list in 2003, IxDA now supports over 10,000 discussion list subscribers, 80 IxDA Local Groupsfrom around the world, an annual conference (with a regional conference on the way in South America), several budding community initiatives and over 12,000 people affiliated viaLinkedIn. Despite our ambitions, our current technology infrastructure is no longer able to support our needs, nor expand to meet our future ones.

You have the opportunity to expand IxDA’s capability to provide the next-generation website that will take us beyond the mailing list of today. We aim to develop a solid, extensible platform for our community of practice to meet and enrich one another and grow the discipline. IxDA has chosen Drupal as the technology framework for our new infrastructure. The Drupal framework will allow the IxDA community to grow and thrive with improved digital communications capabilities, easy sharing and searching of all types of content, local group sites, and member profiles. However, we can’t build the new website ourselves. This is where your financial support is crucial.

I am IxDA. You are, too. Without the generous contributions, participation and support of the interaction design community, IxDA wouldn’t be where it is today. IxDA is a member-supported organization, not a membership-supported organization, so we collect no dues. You are a member if you say you are. It’s that simple. Beyond the generous contribution of volunteer time, financially this means we rely heavily on revenue-generating events like our annual conference and on fundraising efforts such as this, which we haven’t held since 2007.

Our goal is to collect $30,000 over the next four days, until June 26th. Ambitious, I know, but not impossible. Consider this: If 10,000 subscribers contributed $3, a fancy cup of coffee in some parts, we’d be done. Or 1,000 contributed $30, often less than a good book these days. If you gain anything from IxDA, won’t you please give a little back? No amount is too big or small. As a thank you to all that contribute, we will hold a drawing each day and select one name to receive a complimentary registration to interaction’10, being held in Savannah, GA next February! (Note: Each day starts at 12:01 am GMT. No IxDA Board Members are eligible for the drawing. All registrations are transferable but not eligible for cash exchange.)


how much are people giving?

how much are people giving?

Tell the community that you’re supporting IxDA!

Retweet your support:
I’m giving a little back

How the money will be spent:
We want to be able to select a highly qualified development partner who can help sustain our organizational growth over the long term. The funds gathered will be used to build, deploy and maintain the new website. Any funds not used in the current round of development will be used for ongoing website support and development. You can expect updates throughout the build process for how things are progressing. Our goal is to have the first phase of work done by this Fall.

On behalf of the IxDA Board of Directors and all who care about this community, I thank you!

Janna DeVylder, President, IxDA


IxDA Mentorship Program

The IxDA Mentorship volunteer group is ready to formally kickoff the first phase of the mentorship program. This phase is technically and logistically simple; volunteers act as “match makers” to pair potential mentors with those seeking some professional assistance. This is a fluid, amorphous initiative; there is no set program, or set of activities for people to do. Instead, we hope to encourage digital relationship building that can extend into the real world as appropriate.

If you are interested in becoming a mentor, or finding a mentor, please fill out the forms listed below. If you are interested in joining the organizational side of this effort, please drop me an email.

I need a mentor!
Please visit and fill out the form as thoroughly as you can. Please note that, while we hope to find mentors for everyone who needs them, there is no guarantee that we will find a perfect match for you. The mentorship initiative starts digitally, through email, but can extend in whatever direction you and your mentor see fit.

I want to be a mentor!
Please visit and fill out the form as thoroughly as you can. An ideal mentor has not only thorough experience and skills, but also the time and patience to dedicate to working with those who are learning a new profession. Please note that, while we hope to find matches for everyone who needs them, there is no guarantee that we will find a perfect match for you. The mentorship initiative starts digitally, through email, but can extend in whatever direction you and your “mentee” see fit.

Jon Kolko

Janna DeVylder

What’s on our minds..? June board meeting report

The board meet monthly by teleconference, usually in the first week of the month. During these meetings we discuss topics ranging from conference planning, to fundraising to progress on different initiatives. It’s important that we communicate what we do… so from this month we’ll be posting meeting reports here on the board blog.

This month we discussed infrastructure, fundraising, near-term priorities and longer term strategy. Check after the jump for details of who’s doing what, and what’s keeping us busy.


  • Analytics on is go! (mail Jon for an account)
  • Board Blog is ported to wordpress (thanks Jon and Nasir!)


  • Date of the 15th could be problematic: its 2.5 weeks away..
  • need to be careful of not taking away from conference sponsorship
  • contact Jon wrt access to site for fundraising info and material


Janna – need more detail wrt date change

Near Term priorities

what’s on our minds at the current point? what’s important in the short tearm for each of us?


  • need to find a virtual accountant


Bill - put it out to the community to find good people – work toward having someone in place by mid August


  • we need to work on making better volunteer incentives to participation
  • 2011 looking great – working with a number of places on high level ideas


  • Tonia Bartz (IxDA Phoenix) is now the local groups initiative community lead 
  • working on Local-group-in-a-box, and understanding better what the Local groups need to thrive
  • Putting together a model on Membership ideas (eg what does it mean to be a member?)
  • re-kick off the timeline project – look for a curating team – start small, get content then grow


  • building a communication map – pulling together around the fundraising effort!


  • maximising the retreat

Long Term Strategy

We will be holding a planning retreat in August this year. Research indicated San Francisco is the least expensive location.

  • Board members please book your travel for SFO 
  • Please be available Friday night (14 Aug) to have dinner together
  • Contact SF Local group to plan a local social event for Sat (15 Aug) night

Retreat Agenda

begin building this for the retreat on 15/16 August.. starting with:

  • IxDA as a service design, What does it mean to be a member?
  • revisit Manifesto – legitimacy of,  how to leverage, etc
  • volunteer incentives


Steve - look at where manifesto is communicated to bring to the retreat

Jeremy – contact SF local group

Elizabeth Bacon


Hello folks,

Thank you for all the interest that has been expressed in the RFP for the Redesign project. We received a lot of very intelligent questions about the RFP and requirement documents, and we've done our best to provide thorough answers. Please refer to these Q&A materials which we've published at:

If you feel that we haven't adequately answered your question, please feel free to follow up with Liz and Amyris at the email addresses indicated in the RFP. (We will not be monitoring comments on this blog.)

The IxDA team is looking forward to receiving proposals by midnight PDT on June 6, 2009. Thanks again!


Elizabeth Bacon

RFP: Redesign

We’re pleased to publish a request for proposal (RFP) in order to engage with an experienced Drupal development partner for the redesign of the website.

For more information on responding, please refer to the page, where you will find the RFP document as well as four reference documents provided for scope assessment.

Some notable dates from the RFP include:

* Due date for questions about this RFP is May 29
* We will provide public responses to all questions by May 31
* Due date for proposals is June 6
* We’d like to begin the engagement by the end of June

Thanks for your attention! We hope to hear from qualified potential vendors soon.

Liz / IxDA Vice-President & Creative Director of this redesign project

Amyris Fernandez

Update on Conan

Hi folks,

I would like to let you know that, after selecting Drupal as the platform, the team is now looking for a partner.

This partner could be either a technical advisor or a resource to help us finish our prototype. Additionally, the same person/company can help us on the maintenance of the site.

The team is also starting to prototype, based on the document Liz made available for you.



Elizabeth Bacon

IxDA infrastructure project selects Drupal

Hi folks,

I also want to share the news that our IxDA infrastructure initiative has selected Drupal to provide the technical platform for our website redesign project.

We evaluated a range of content-management systems, both hosted and unhosted, proprietary and open-source, and kept returning to Drupal for a number of reasons. We love that it’s an open-source system, representing a philosophy akin to our own “un-organization”. We appreciate that it has a large developer community, comprising professionals who can help us make our vision into reality. We also like that it has many existing modules to serve our needs along with great capability to be extended. Additionally, we have IxDA members on our team with the capability to design and build at least several key planks of our new online home.

As Amyris wrote, we’re beginning the design phase of the project now and I encourage any of you to contribute ideas and thoughts for how we can deliver a much improved online experience to support our community of practice. Meanwhile, thanks to Drupal for being so rocking. Onwards & upwards!


Amyris Fernandez

Conan Team needs your help

My name is Amyris Fernández, and I am a new IxDA Board member. I also am the project manager of the IxDA Infrastructure project (code-named Conan).

On behalf of the Conan team, I would like you to read the results of our survey research about the existing IxDA website. They are available here: SurveySummary_02162009.pdf

At this time, we would like to solicit any design inputs, ideas and suggestions. We’re especially eager to receive wireframes and concrete interaction design concepts that could benefit our community of practice. Please email them

Conan team (23 members strong) will carefully read and review any and all contributions from IxDA members. However, we cannot promise to use every idea that is submitted to us. We primarily have to consider budget and time constraints for timely launch of the new system, but going forward the new website should be able to accommodate community-driven innovations. Your ideas can create the future!

The deadline for submissions to be considered for the first release is March 15th. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to post them in this thread.

See you around,

Amyris Fernández

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