Call for Cities

IxDA is pleased to open the Call for Proposals for European cities interested in hosting the 2016 Interaction conference, the ninth annual conference of the Interaction Design Association (IxDA). 

Since its inception in 2008, Interaction has grown to be a significant and must-attend event for design professionals interested in the practice and discipline of interaction design and related fields. The Interaction conference is envisioned and created almost entirely by passionate volunteers from local design communities. This year's event, held in Amsterdam, was a tremendous success, and we’re looking forward to San Francisco in 2015!

Hosting the Interaction conference will bring the world's interaction design community to you. It’s a great way to showcase your local design community, share your city’s unique voice in design, and will expose local designers to the leading thinkers and practitioners in interaction design. It’s also a great outlet for networking and recruitment with companies from around the world attending to gain access to our skilled practitioner base.

The ideal European host city candidate for Interaction 16 will:

  • Have a strong and vibrant design community, and unique contributions to the field of design
  • Name a conference chair and co-chair, submitted with biographies. This conference leadership team will lay out a vision for a conference that inspires attendees while elevating the profession of interaction design and IxDA overall. They do not need to be local to the host city, but should have significant conference experience and ties to IxDA
  • Partner with a local design school with an established interaction design program at undergraduate and/or graduate level 
  • Outline an engaging conference experience for ~900 attendees, including the potential venues, a range of convenient hotels and high-level conference logistics

Conference committees and the IxDA

Hosting an international conference is a significant undertaking with an 18 month timeline. IxDA is committed to providing guidance, support and infrastructure components to ensure continuity from the previous conferences and a strong foundation for the planning team.  

Among the support systems offered by IxDA are: digital tools and architecture (conference website template, speaker selection tools and project management hubs), templates, checklists and timelines to help the conference planning run on schedule, and mentorship both from IxDA Board and past conference leadership.

Submitting your city

We encourage local interaction design communities to take the opportunity to make a case for the conference to be held in their city. The detailed requirements for proposals are outlined below, along with a summary of the submission guidelines, timing, review and selection process.

Should you have any questions about the process, the requirements, or the conference itself, please send an email to All questions relating to clarification of information surrounding this Call will be responded to publicly.

We look forward to your submissions!


Nick Gould
President, IxDA

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Timing for submissions

  • All submissions are required no later than midnight GMT July 13 2014 (Sunday)
  • Review will take place between July 13 and August 14 2014
  • Shortlist of locations presented to IxDA Board, August 30
  • Site visit(s) of shortlisted candidates conducted in early September
  • Final selection of location for Interaction 16 will be made by September 30 (1 month extension)

Each proposal will be acknowledged via email to confirm receipt within the deadline. 

Selection Criteria & Submission Requirements

The successful proposal will include:

  • A proposed conference chair or co-chairs (and planning committee, if known); include brief biographies for each individual
  • Partnership with a design school or schools with an established interaction design program at undergraduate and graduate level (with verbal agreement from the program)
  • A location that is convenient for attendees arriving internationally
  • Demonstrated support from the local Convention Bureau or Tourism Board responsible for international meetings
  • Identification of venues capable of seating 900 people theatre-style; three smaller rooms capable of seating 250-300 people each; and 8-10 rooms suitable for small sessions and workshops
  • A selection of hotels near to the conference venue(s) at various prices and quality to suit the range of needs of conference attendees (i.e from 3-star to 5-star accommodation). Standard room rates for Feb 2016 must be included as supporting documentation in the proposal along with any considerations included in the room block proposed (i.e.: upgrades, commissionable rate)
  • A plan for providing Internet access (wi-fi) for attendees at all conference venues and events
  • A draft budget with an indication of conference rate for registration, sponsorship targets and other sources of revenue (supporting documentation)
  • A commitment to host up to three representatives from the selection committee for a site visit
  • An active and passionate design community with strong ties to IxDA, which will form the foundation of the planning and operations committee
  • A summary of the process by which the submission was created

Design School Partnership

In order to stay engaged with design education and the most junior members of our community, the conference team will select a school or schools for partnership. The host school may provide logistical support, potential conference or workshop venues, student volunteers, recruitment events, etc. 

Benefits to a program co-hosting the Interaction conference include:

  • Recruitment of your students. Many of the 900 professionals in attendance are in Director-level positions at leading creative agencies and Fortune 500 companies, looking to hire. This creates a unique opportunity for a recruitment event for your students. Employers represented at IxDA 2014 included frog, Microsoft, SapientNitro, Orange, Philips, Cooper, and more
  • Research partnerships. The companies in attendance at the IxDA 2014 conference included Microsoft, Google, GE, Intel and SAP, illustrating the ability for faculty/corporate research cooperatives and other relationship building
  • Promotion of your graduate programs. A great number of the attendees at the IxDA conference seek higher education in design, business, and other disciplines, making it an ideal venue to promote graduate degrees

IxDA is willing to work with the successful school to create a strong branded presence of the school’s offerings at our conference; this may take the form of a workshop, a recruiting event, portfolio reviews, or other unique events intended to connect the university with the attendees in a meaningful way.

Submission Format

Submissions should tell the story of an Interaction conference in your city. Web presentations, as submitted by Amsterdam and San Francisco, are a good, flexible way to address the many different aspects of a conference experience. Other acceptable formats include Powerpoint / Keynote, PDF and Video. If submitting a multimedia/video presentation, please provide a written summary addressing the key criteria for selection. 

Conference submissions should also include supporting documentation to demonstrate the viability of a conference in your area (hotel info, draft budget), specified in the criteria above.

All submissions should be sent via email to and clearly indicate the contact person for the proposal.


All questions should be sent to Questions asked during the open call will be posted publicly and answered here.