Adrian Westaway: Bananas, Technology and Magic

5 Apr 2012 - 1:33pm
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This session plans to inspire and awaken the practice of user centered design throughout the design process. It will focus on our award winning project, Out of the Box, which was an open collaboration between Vitamins, Samsung and the Helen Hamlyn Centre in London. The work is currently on show at the MoMA.

The project goal was to design new methods of engaging older users to use existing smartphone technologies. Rather than redesign a dumbed down “special” phone we actually redesigned the experience around receiving a phone – focusing on the out of box learning experience. We developed novel research methods which we will explain in great detail – showing how to understand and create relevant solutions to real life problems. We will explain how we used custom research tools, like bananas, to find insights and explain how we translated those insights into real concepts, fast prototypes and final products.

This talk is of interest to anyone who wants to create more relevant design solutions, and get closer to their users – focusing on older people engaging with technology. We have been touring this talk privately, and at the IxDA in New York over the last year and are now making all of the research public. Adrian Westaway will present the talk, it will be a fun, engaging and valuable insight into the workings of a multidisciplinary design and invention company in collaboration with a major international client.

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