Angel Anderson: Why We Share

5 Apr 2012 - 1:41pm
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As experience designers, we are increasingly asked to design for social engagement with features like following, commenting, and the critical piece of the viral web; sharing. Tweets, status updates, and content forwards are woven into many of the products and services we use every day, but do we really understand what makes people ~want to share in the first place? You can’t just add a button and expect a digital tsunami of shares. Designers, this is where our unique blend of behavioral understanding and design context can translate into magic. Getting people to share can help you spread a particular message, create a community around a topic, or simply gain buzz about something you want to “go viral” but first you have to design a situation that truly encourages sharing. To get sharing right, you must understand the basic motivations of sharing ~and create a framework appropriate to the context. In this session well examine:

- The evolution of sharing behavior

- The 3 main psychological motivations that drive people to share

- Companies that get sharing right

- Guidelines for creating inspired sharing frameworks Ultimately, sharing is good for us as a species.

Find out why and discover how to tap the human desire to share to create happier customers, happier users, and a happier you.

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