Charlie Kreitzberg - Surviving a Design Review

11 May 2010 - 12:08pm
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Karl Herler
You’ve worked hard on a design and finally got it nailed. You’ve thought deeply about the user experience and designed for usability and great information presentation. The visual design is compelling. Enjoy it while you can because you’ve been asked to hold a design review. Your creative and well thought-out design is about to be transformed into a into a patchwork quilt as stakeholders argue for changes based on their off-the-cuff reactions and personal agendas.
Whether you work inside a large corporation or you’re a consultant, managing design reviews is critical. This session will focus on:
1. How to prepare for a design review
2. How to manage difficult participants like Ivan the Intimidator, Cathy the Clueless and One Note Nate.
3. How to sift through the comments and respond to real concerns constructively and creatively.
About Charlie Krietzberg
Charlie Kreitzberg, Ph.D has attended many design reviews and has the scars to prove it. He is the CEO of Cognetics Corporation, an interaction design consultancy he founded in 1982. He has consulted with companies world-wide. He is founding editor of User Experience magazine; a former board member of UPA and Society for Information Management. He has written many articles, several books and has received awards for his work. He also serves as the Technology Director for Einstein’s Alley, a New Jersey economic development initiative.
Originally posted by Nasir Barday, 05.05.2009.
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