Chloe Gottleib and Jill Nussbaum: Journeys in Motion

11 May 2010 - 1:31pm
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Karl Herler


User journeys describe the greater context of an experience including the conditions, motivation, and environment for a particular audience. Yet as the experiences we design continue to evolve, our methods for describing these stories remain static. Existing page-based journeys add little inspiration to the powerful experiences we are designing. In this session, we will explore how user journeys can leverage animation, sound, and visual continuity to communicate robust interactive experiences in simple and effective ways.

As opposed to adding gratuitous animation, this approach requires us to change the way we work. The process which we will walk through together requires intense collaboration between Designers, Writers, and Animators. We will share specific examples of journeys in motion which have inspired internal teams and external clients and helped to sell through new ideas.


About Chole Gottleib

As VP, Executive Creative Director of Interaction Design, Chloe is responsible for leading and providing vision for R/GA's interaction design department. Since joining R/GA in 2000, Chloe has produced work as diverse as the range of clients she has worked with, from systematic design and user-interface design for Verizon Wireless to branding campaigns for Nike and integrated cross-channel marketing for Nokia. She has worked in the U.S. and abroad as a design leader, a creative leader, and a visionary contributing to the development of Future VisionT, R/GA's evolving vision of the consumer landscape. Chloe broadened her expertise with a brief tenure at Razorfish, where she engaged in deep ethnographic and insight-related engagements. While there, she worked on a variety of brands, from Condé Nast (embracing social networks on to Mercedes-AMG (creating an immersive, user-driven experience on


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