Des Traynor: Communication and Content in Web Software

5 Apr 2012 - 1:34pm
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Web software is a gamble. Especially for start-ups who raise millions of dollars, all in the hope that they'll somehow motivate people to find them, interact, contribute and most importantly stick around for a few years. It's a high stakes game. On one hand there are apps like Color, Wave, Buzz, which couldn't motivate even the most die hard of users to regularly update. On the other hand there is Facebook/Twitter/Instagram with millions of users adding content every minute.

Much is written about acquiring customers online, but in truth that's only part of the challenge. Motivating them to complete on-boarding, contribute content, and most importantly stick around is the most important piece. As many a site owner knows leaky buckets don't fill very fast.

This session will present research, advice and findings from the study of several web applications, and how content and communication contributes to their success. Attendees will leave better equipped to design applications, and maintain good customer communications during the crucial early days of an application's life.

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