Leisa Reichelt - Design by Community: The Drupal.org Redesign

11 May 2010 - 1:36am
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Karl Herler



Just how do you re-design a website when you effectively have 200,000+ clients? Is design by community as bad as design by comittee?

That's the challenge we faced when we were tasked with redesigning the drupal.org website - home of the large, international and very active Drupal community.

In this case study presentation we'll discuss the community centric approach we have taken to this project and the various tools and activities we used to recruit, engage with and communicate with the community (including Google Apps, Twitter, Flickr, Online Card Sorting, Slideshare, Discussion Forums, Blogs and Wikis), including some innovative approaches to participatory design en masse and crowdsourcing design. And you'll find out if indeed we are truly nuts, and/or if we'd do it all again!


About Leisa Reichelt, Disambiguity Limited

Leisa does freelance design research, information architecture, interaction design, and generally tries to make life interesting and enjoyable for the users of websites and web based applications. Leisa's mission is to make 'UX' activities accessible to all, as a result she is constantly re-tooling her methods to make them faster, more collaborative, more affordable and accessible. She shares her thoughts, and on occasions, her project in progress, at disambiguity.com. Leisa will be coming to Interaction09 from London via Sydney and Thailand and hopes, for a change, to have a better suntan than you.



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