Nadya Direkova: What’s in a game?

11 May 2010 - 12:50pm
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Karl Herler


This talk illustrates how game design thinking provides new tools for the design of non-game products and campaigns. We discuss four ways in which game-design techniques enrich interactive design:

1. Understanding that in our ultimate goal as designers is to make the user happy. Games accept this by default.

2. Understanding a product or message better by imagining it as a game. If you have a message you want people to find and interact with, invite them to play with it!

3. Conveying a message by building it into an advergame.

4. Using game-inspired techniques to create a better experience in non-game products.

Goal: The goal of this talk is to leave the participants with game design tips and examples they can use in their next product. The workshop will provide multiple examples of game-play mechanisms, advergame strategies, and non-game products that benefit from gaming techniques.


About Nadya Direkova

Nadya Direkova works as a Senior Information Architect in Avenue A Razorfish, San Francisco, where she leads the gaming practice for the company's UX team. She has over seven years of experience as video game designer at Backbone, Leapfrog and MIT'S Games to Teach Group. Ms. Direkova received her MS from M.I.T.'s Comparative Media Studies group, and B.A. from Amherst College.


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