Nathan Shedroff: Meaningful Innovation Relies on Interaction and Service Design

25 Feb 2010 - 11:38pm
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Nasir Barday

Interaction designers can play a key role in creating a more meaningful, sustainable, and post-consumer world. come learn about frameworks and approaches that help designers make real change for customers.

Nathan Shedroff is the chair of the ground-breaking MBA in Design Strategy at California College of Arts (CCA) in San Francisco, CA. He is one of the pioneers in Experience Design, Interaction Design and Information Design. He speaks and teaches internationally and has written extensively on design and business issues, including, Experience Design 1 and maintains a website with resources on Experience Design at He's a serial entrepreneur, works in several media and consults strategically for companies to build better, more meaningful experiences for their customers. His latest book, Making Meaning, co-written with two member of Cheskin, a Silicon Valley-based strategy consultancy, explores how companies can specifically create products and services to evoke meaning in their audiences and customers.

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